refresh your existing conservatory

If you already have an existing Conservatory, and are looking for ways to improve its appearance and efficiency, instead of fully replacing your conservatory there are several options you could consider, such as changing the roof to the latest generation of high-performance glass or a Guardian Lightweight Tiled Roof while keeping the existing window frames, making your Conservatory noticeably cooler in the summer and considerably warmer in the winter.

Activ Glass Roofs

Open up the Garden

Over the last few years there have been huge advancements in conservatory roof glazing technology. Uitilising the world's first self-cleaning glass, the unique dual-action of the Pilkington Activ coating breaks down and loosens dirt and grime, giving not only the practical benefit of less cleaning, but also a clearer, better-looking roof.

Upgrading to a new glass roof can take as little as one day, transforming your conservatory into a bright welcoming room, with greater temperature control and less noise when it rains, so you can enjoy it all year round.

Guardian Tiled roofs

Cooler In The Summer – Warmer In The Winter

We have many years experience installing state of the art, lightweight tiled roof systems, including the Guardian Tiled Roof. The Guardian tiled roof enables you to extend your living space for use all year round, working as a perfect alternative to building a traditional extention.

Guardian Tiled Roofs are suitable for installation on new conservatories as well as existing ones, offering traditional finishes with a plaster finished ceiling. You can also add some contemporary finishing touches such as spotlights. The options are endless and provide the scope you require to produce your own beautiful and unique look to your home.